Benefit They’re Real Lengthening Mascara – My love-hate relationship

What is it? It’s the best selling mascara in the UK.

Who is it for? Anyone wanting longer thicker looking lashes as long as you don’t have sensitivity and don’t mind spending ages trying to get it off.

How do you use it? Hold the wand horizontally, wiggle the brush from side to side and base to tip, to achieve maximum volume, length and lift. Then hold the wand vertically and stroke upward using the tip of the wand to curl and separate. Layer as you wish.

What’s the damage? £20.50 for the mascara (plus £15.50 if you buy the remover)

Score: 💋💋💋💋(for how the mascara looks when it’s on)

Benefit They’re Real Mascara is a multi award winning product and has appeared in the Vogue 100 Hall of Fame, however, I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with it. I find it extremely easy to apply even with all the wiggling and holding the wand in various directions. I like the effect it has on my thinner lashes when I hold it vertically and use the very end of the brush, I like the way it lasts and doesn’t smudge but I don’t like removing it!

I don’t use They’re Real every day as my lashes couldn’t take the stress of removal. As you get older your lashes aren’t as strong or thick as they once were and they need careful handling. I’ve tried all sorts of different eye makeup removers from creams to oil based and struggled to remove every trace without losing a few eyelashes along the way. I begrudge having to buy a cleansing product designed for just one item of make up, imagine if we had to do that for everything it would be ridiculous, but for research purposes I splashed out on the remover as well.

I don’t have sensitive eyes but when I put the remover onto cotton wool pads and held it against my eyes I found it irritated them and caused stinging. After experimenting I find the best way to remove the mascara is to put the remover on wet cotton wool and then quickly wipe the lashes, don’t hold it against the lashes, this removes enough of the mascara so that I can then use an oil based remover to get rid of the residue. A bit of a palava I know, but vanity wins out, it makes my lashes look amazing, just not every day.



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