Do you need a separate eye cream?

I’ve been trialling a neck cream lately (blog to come) and it got me thinking about using creams/moisturisers/gels for different parts of the face, neck and chest area and whether they are worth it.

I always used an eye cream, but that was in the days of cleanse, tone and moisturise, when most moisturisers were too heavy for the eye area, so you needed a specialist product.  I carried on using a separate product even when changing my routine to include serums, acids etc. However, about 5 years ago I started to suffer from very puffy eyes, so I kept trying different eye products, but nothing seemed to work.  I then decided to give my eyes a break and just use my serums as eye products and what a difference this made! No more morning puffy eyes.



All I do now is after my cleansing/toning routine, I use my serum: hyaluronic acid, buffet, the new Garden of Wisdom products etc, as an all over face, neck and chest product, including the eye area (I don’t use serums with high Vitamin C or retinol for example all over the area).  I then apply my day or night moisturiser, avoiding the eye area. I’m finding that this really works for me.

A tip I was given lately which I’ve been trying out for the past few weeks, is to use stronger products such as vitamin C just under the outer edge of your eyebrow. Don’t actually take it onto the delicate eyelid area. As we get older our eyelids droop at the edges, so I’m interested to see if just putting a bit of product directly under the eyebrow helps at all.  I will keep you updated.

So, for me personally, using an eye cream is an unnecessary expense.  Obviously don’t avoid the eye area as that’s no good either, but try using your serums instead, see if it gets rid of your puffy eyes.



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