FlipZees Magnifying Makeup Glasses. What a great idea!

I’ve been following FlipZees on Instagram for a while and thought what a good idea it was for people who needed a magnifying mirror for putting on their makeup.  Even though I’ve started to wear reading glasses (or have a very large font on my kindle) I was still putting on my makeup using a normal mirror. A couple of weeks ago I received an e mail from Andrea and Donna who developed FlipZees, asking if I would like to try a pair, so in the interest of trialling anything beauty related I said yes I would love to.



Donna and Andrea took 2 years to get FlipZees from a design idea discussed around the kitchen table, to the finished product.  The magnifying glasses have a very slim frame and a double bridge design so that they fit both ways up. There’s a single 360 degree rotating lens which keeps the weight down and means that the glasses can be worn with the frame at the top or the bottom of the eyes for easy makeup application.  They are available in 4 magnifying strengths and 2 colours, black and tortoise. Just chose the strength closest to your prescription, from +1.5 to +3.0, a reading test card is available on the site if you’re unsure which to pick.



So what do I think about FlipZees?

The first time I used the glasses it took me about twice as long to put my makeup on as it normally would, I wasn’t used to moving the lens from eye to eye and taking them off to turn upside down.  It also takes a few seconds for each eye to get used to having the glasses on so that you can see properly. However, even though I wasn’t great with manipulating the FlipZees, they made a big difference to my makeup.  I thought I could see perfectly well, but these have proved that actually I couldn’t. My eye makeup looked so much neater, it was easier to do my brows, use my eyeliner, and I saw eyelashes that I hadn’t even known existed.



Each time I used the FlipZees it got easier and easier and now they are just a part of my routine, I’m rotating and turning like a pro.  Another great use is for plucking stray eyebrows, especially for someone with very fair brows, I can see these now without just guessing!  They will also be ideal to take on holiday rather than lugging a magnifying mirror around in your luggage.

FlipZees are normally £19.50 but if you use the code, ADELE, you can get 10% off, so thank you Andrea and Donna for that.  I’ve just ordered a pair for my mum!





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