Formula Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream – Claims to make you look like you’ve had 8 hours sleep even when you haven’t – Unfortunately didn’t work on me!

What is it?  Formula Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream

Who is it for? Marketed as suitable for all skin types and helping to fight the 10 signs of aging.  I would say it’s for someone with normal skin and not moisturising enough for extremely dry skin.

How do you use it? Apply after cleansing before bed.  There may be a slight residue left in the morning which can be cleansed off.

What’s the damage? £22

Score: 💋💋

Formula is Marks and Spencers own brand skin care range which has recently been revamped and repackaged.  The Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream is the “hero” product of the range, it claims to make you look like you’ve had eight hours sleep even when you haven’t.  Formula have packed it with anti-wrinkle peptides, moisturising hyaluronic acid and skin-brightening actives in order to combat fine lines, pigmentation and slackening of the skin.  It has received rave reviews and M&S were so surprised by the popularity of the cream they hadn’t produced enough resulting in a waiting list of 7,500.  It works through a time release system which ensures hydration while you sleep, so you wake up with plumper, dewier looking skin.  

Now everyone would love to wake up looking like they’ve had a good night’s sleep, this gives you a real boost for the day ahead, so obviously I had to try this wonder cream.  I also purchased the Absolute Serum Elixir 30ml £23 and the Total Lip and Eye Cream £18 for 10ml.  I gave this a good go, I really did, I used it for over a month every night excluding all other night creams.  However, this has resulted in my skin looking drier and duller than it has for a long time.  It really didn’t have any positive effects on my skin.  


I do have dry skin and the Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream just doesn’t have the amount of “ooomph moisture” I need.  I think this product would work well on you if you have a less dry skin type and at £22 it’s not a really pricey cream.  However, this just proves that even the “cult” products don’t suit everyone and don’t use something if it’s having no beneficial effects just because magazines are telling you that the product is amazing.


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