H&M Brow Products. High performance, low price.

As I’ve got older I have spent more and more on individual make-up products, sticking to ranges from Bobbi Brown, MAC, Hourglass, Estee Lauder etc and ignoring the cheaper ranges as being no good for my maturing skin.  However, my daughter recommended the H&M lipsticks and when I popped in to buy a couple I also picked up the clear brow gel and the superfine browliner. These are real bargains but do they work?



I got the Superfine Browliner in Caramel Brown for the grand price of £5.99, this was the palest shade available and complements a fair complexion and blonde hair.  The pencil is very very thin and is retractable, it provides a matte look. I like the fact that it’s thin, it means I can build up my brows to the colour and thickness I want, rather than with some products where it suddenly looks like there’s a couple of caterpillars crawling along my forehead.  I would really recommend this for a daytime look, it’s quick and easy to use and very natural looking.



The brow gel also came in at £5.99.  This is a clear gel which can be used alone or over other brow products.  Again, this is so simple to use, just put some on the integrated brush and shape your brows in upward strokes.  I like this product because it holds the brows in place but I can’t feel it. Some gels are like having superglue on your brows.

I apply both of these products early on a morning, around 7ish and they are still in place when I get home on an evening.  I am really impressed with these two H&M products and have no hesitation in recommending them for an over 50 skin (and obviously any other age!).

Let me know if you have any recommendations for “drugstore price” products I can try.


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