I’m loving Maybelline’s Nude Lipsticks.

I can’t remember the last time I bought something from Maybelline, probably around 30 years ago.  I sort of felt that I’d outgrown them and had moved onto more serious and grown up brands.  Well, how wrong was I.  

I was trawling the Internet during lockdown, searching for a great nude lipstick and obviously, buying online, I didn’t want to spend too much in case I picked totally the wrong colour.  These were on Look Fantastic at 3 for 2, so only cost £13.98 for 3.  Half of what I would normally pay for one lipstick.

There was a good choice of colours so I picked three different ones, thinking that if one was horrible I could always pass it on to someone else. 

Maybelline Nude Lipsticks

What a pleasant surprise I got when they arrived.  The packaging isn’t luxurious but it was a higher quality than I had expected. The lipsticks applied well, both directly and also using a brush.  Even though they are matte they aren’t drying at all.  Best of all they last for ages.

I went for the following shades:

983 Beige Babe – Very subtle, good for if you want something to apply quickly at work

987 Smoky Rose – My fave of the 3.  This is the one that’s permanently in my handbag.

988 Brown Sugar – Too dark to be a nude for someone as pale as me, but looks great with the right makeup.

All in all, I’m really impressed.  I think I will be trying one of the Maybelline mascaras next.


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