ModelCo – Cruelty Free, Effective Makeup

If you’re searching for a reasonably priced but extremely effective makeup brand then you should look at ModelCo.  OK, so I’ve only had 2 products from this range but they are both absolutely amazing so I have no reason to believe that their other offerings will be any different.

ModelCo are an Australian Company and have been around for fifteen years with their main goal being “believable, achievable beauty”.  They pride themselves on being cruelty free, testing all their products in Australia on models and not animals, and are a PETA certified cosmetics company.  ModelCo have an exciting year ahead as they are launching a special project  partnership with Karl Lagerfeld in 2018.

My first product from ModelCo is the Precision Brow, retailing at £12.00.  This is a 2 sided wand with a retractable pencil at one end and a brow brush at the other.  It comes in one universal shade which they say suits all colours.  It certainly works for me with my very fair hair and pale skin but also looks great on my daughter who has dark hair.  It lasts all day and is water resistant.  The pencil end is a sort of flat shape which I find very user friendly and it’s great for filling in the sparser areas of my eyebrows.  I’ve tried powder products on my eyebrows but I make a mess with those, this is really easy to use.  Once you’ve built up the colour and shape then use the brow brush to blend the colour and put the brow hairs in place.

The second product is the 3D Lash primer which retails for £7.  I got a trial version in a Beauty Box but have ordered a full size as I don’t want to run out of this.  It’s a conditioner and a primer and enhances your natural lashes.  I used to be a real fan of Estee Lauder mascara primer many years ago when they still did the white formula, but I really don’t like the new version and I’ve got out of the habit of wearing a lash primer.  But WOW this is fabulous, it really does make the lashes look longer. You put it on your lashes wait 60 seconds and then put your mascara on.  Again, it’s very easy to apply and doesn’t clump.  I only need one layer of my Monsieur Big mascara for normal day wear.

It’s a thumbs up for ModelCo.


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