Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist – A bit of a treat

What is it? Queen of Hungary Mist from Omorovicza is inspired by the world’s first recorded perfume developed in the 14th century for Queen Elisabeth of Hungary, who used it for it’s amazing ‘anti-ageing’ properties. Omorovicza revived the recipe to create this facial mist which purifies, hydrates, refreshes, balances, tones and protects the skin (quite a lot of claims there!). All of these benefits derive from Hungary’s mineral-rich thermal waters which apparently are due to the earth’s crust being thinner there. The minerals kick-start skin repair and stimulate regeneration. The formula contains purifying orange blossom, rose and sage waters, hydrating apple pectin, and thermal waters, which improve skin’s firmness, suppleness and youthfulness. The neroli and rose scent is calming.

Who is it for? Suitable for all skin types, especially good for dry and dull skin. It does not contain alcohol.

How do you use it? It can be used as a spritz at any time of the day, or use it to set your makeup, alternatively, use as a post cleanse toner morning and/or evening. Hold the bottle at least 6 inches away and keep out of your eyes.

What’s the damage? £50 for 100ml

Score: 💋💋💋💋

I’ve heard great things about Omorovicza products and was extremely pleased when I received my Queen of Hungary Mist in a Christmas Beauty Advent Calendar. I must admit I’m a bit late to the current ‘multi-action’ facial mist party. Not that I haven’t used one before, I’ve used Evian Facial Mist as a summer hydrator for years, stocking up in French Supermarkets on family holidays. However, the Queen of Hungary mist is a whole different ball game, for a start the price! It’s definitely more high-end, but the packaging is beautiful, the glass bottle itself feels like a real luxury item.

So, what does it do? This isn’t just a spritz, its a toner and a makeup setter as well. I’ve tried using it all 3 ways. I’m not too sure if it helps my makeup to set and last longer, I haven’t really noticed much difference in that regard. It is very nice to use as a facial spritz though, especially if I’ve been inside with the central heating on all day, even just the smell is delicious. The mist itself is so fine and light on your skin.

The best way to use the mist in my opinion, is as the toning part of my cleansing routine. I spray this on after cleansing and wait a few seconds, then I add my serums and moisturiser. They just go on so much more easily over the top of the mist, they seem to absorb better as well.

Will I repurchase? If I see it on offer I will, but with so many other products I want to try I doubt I will pay the full price, even though I do like it.


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