Q & A with Tricia Cusden, founder of Look Fabulous Forever.

I recently had the chance to do a Q&A session with Tricia Cusden, founder of Look Fabulous Forever.  Tricia is flying the flag for mature ladies everywhere, she looks at LFF as a “movement rather than a beauty brand”.

You must be so pleased with how Look Fabulous Forever has developed as a brand, what was your initial vision and how far has that vision been exceeded?

My initial idea for Look fabulous Forever was to sell quite locally to my home in London via makeover parties. I had no grand vision of an international online business with literally thousands of customers worldwide! So you can see that what has actually happened has far outstripped my original idea.

I’ve read that you googled Makeup manufacturers and that’s how you found your manufacturing partner.  How much input did you have in the actual production, was it a very hands on process for you?

At my first meeting with our wonderful cosmetics manufacturer I took the 10 or so makeup products I was using from as many different brands. I then explained why I felt that each one worked well on my older skin. I had arrived at this wide range of products through trial and error – and had also wasted lots of money. He then started making me lots of samples and I then spent 3 months or so testing everything he sent both on myself and my friends. In that way I knew that everything under the LFF brand would work really well for our older customers.

How do you decide on which colours to choose for eyeshadows and lipsticks?

Most women have either warm or cool toned skin – which means that the undertone of their skin is either blue or yellow. All our coloured cosmetics fall into the cool or warm range for eye shadows, blushers and lippies. This makes it really easy for us to come up with new colours for the range as we always ask ourselves – will this fit in with the cool or warm tones? It also makes choosing and buying our makeup much easier online.

You have plans for a skincare range; what products will be available and how long will we have to wait for them?  

We will launch this in October which is hugely exciting for us. We will have 3 items in the range to start with – a moisturising day cream, a serum and a replenishing night cream. We have worked very closely with a formulator to ensure that our skincare contains all the known goodies – vitamins, emollients and all those ingredients known to help older skin to look softer and more radiant.



Your products were included in the goodie bags for the Oscars!  That must have been amazing. How did that come about and what was it like going to all the events. What was you favourite part?

We had someone in L.A. who was helping us with PR as we have thousands of US customers. He suggested that for a very modest outlay we might offer our 3 Primers for inclusion in the Oscar goodie bags. So we went ahead and were delighted when we were chosen! It was an amazing week leading up to the Oscars and I did several talks and podcasts etc. On the Sunday of the Oscars ceremony, my two daughters and I dressed up in our long glamorous dresses and spent about 3 hours watching all the celebrities arrive for the Elton John party in aid of his Aids Foundation. We then went to a restaurant for an early dinner and then went back for the party. My favourite part of the whole week was actually spending so much time with Anna and Suzy. Although we work together this was the first time for years that we three been together having fun.

Can you give us a couple of examples of what you do to have so much energy?

Two words: Sleep and Diet! I an very careful what I eat now and tend to keep it fresh and simple. At this time of the year its all about salads and fish and fruit. I find that eating quite lightly really increases my energy levels. I am also lucky in that I sleep pretty solidly for 8 hours every night as long as I don’t go to bed before midnight. I am an owl – so that is my natural body rhythm.

What are your top tips for looking fabulous as an older woman during this beautiful weather we are having at the moment?

  1. Use a fake tan to give your face a light tan and then even your skin tone with a very light application of a creamy foundation.
  2. Using a large brush sweep some bronzer over the face in those areas that the sun might ‘catch.’ The forehead, cheeks, nose and chin – do this very very lightly.
  3. Keep the eye makeup uncomplicated. At the moment I am wearing our Bluebell Eye Shade on my eyelids and Aubergine on the lash line and finishing my eye makeup with mascara, having first defined my brows using LFF Brow Shape.
  4. Go to town on your lippie. I love a really lovely vibrant lippie at this time of year.


I’m currently trialling some Look Fabulous Forever products, so watch out for my post and some special offers.


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