Rodial Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Kit- Does it give you Khaleesi smooth skin?

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What’s in the collection? The Rodial Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Kit contains Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Gel (50ml); Dragon’s Blood Hyaluronic Mask (50ml) and Dragon’s Blood Eye Gel (15ml).

Who is it for? If you are worried about skin hydration, redness, loss of elasticity & volume and have sensitive skin.

How do you use it? Use 1 to 2 pumps of the sculpting gel after cleansing the skin, twice daily for best results. Rodial also recommend twice daily use for the eye gel, this is applied by patting around the eye area and under the brow bone. The Hyaluronic mask is applied to cleansed skin and can be left overnight.

What’s the damage? The 3 piece collection cost £132 which is a great offer as the products bought separately cost £189: Sculpting Gel £85; Eye Gel £59 and Hyaluronic Mask £45

Score: 💋💋💋💋 (mainly for the Hyaluronic Mask)

There is some controversy surrounding the ethos of this brand and the names they use for their products, but as this selection was a birthday gift I decided I would review the products.

I’m sure you’re wondering exactly what Dragon’s Blood is (I will refrain from any more Game of Thrones references!). So, Rodial describe Dragon’s Blood as being the sap from the Croton Lechleri tree which forms a sort of second skin-like film around the face to protect, reduce redness and help plump the complexion.

The Sculpting Gel comes in an enclosed tub and you press the top to release some of the product. I understand there have been issues with the pump top sticking after a few uses, but mine worked flawlessly and I’m sure that Rodial are working hard to rectify any problems. The main beneficial ingredients are Collageneer to help the skin appear tighter, firmer and wrinkle free; Pomegranate extract to help boost collagen production; Dragon’s Blood and Commiphora extract to aid reduction of fine lines.

I’ve been using 2 pumps every evening and I do think my skin is looking a lot healthier and there does seem to be a bit more of a glow. I’m not convinced of any plumping yet, but it has only been a couple of weeks so I will keep you updated. My make-up seems to be going on much more easily, but that’s probably from a combination of the three products.

The Eye Gel also comes in one of the enclosed tubs and I found that one full pump is too much, so you have to be quite careful about only pressing down a little way otherwise it’s just a complete waste of product. The main benefits are provided by Hyaluronic Acid for hydration and to firm and refine the skin tone; Gransil to correct skin tone and smooth fine lines; NAB Arnica Extract to reduce puffiness and dark circles and also of course, the Dragon’s Blood.

This is a lovely eye gel, it goes on easily and doesn’t leave any greasy residue. It definitely has an hydrating effect on the delicate skin and there is absolutely no puffiness when I wake up, which I have experienced with other products. I don’t really suffer from dark circles (thank you Mum) so I can’t give you a definitive answer on whether the product can help these, but it’s probably worth a go.

I’ve left the Dragon’s Blood Hyaluronic Mask review until last as this is my favourite product of the three.  It’s marketed as an intensely hydrating gel mask and skin plumper, with the following ingredients providing the most benefits: Dragon’s Blood; Hydromanil for hydration and to improve skin texture; Gransil, and LaraCare to stimulate a very mild exfoliation. I don’t put the product around my nose as I suffer from very fine broken veins and I avoid exfoliators (even mild ones) in that area at all costs.

My skin has been completely dried out lately, so a moisture boost was definitely required. I’ve been using this mask as a night cream every three days for the last couple of weeks and the difference in the hydration of my skin is amazing. There’s definitely a much healthier glow to my skin and a slight improvement to fine lines. I put the mask on after the sculpting gel and eye gel, leave it overnight and then rinse off the next morning. I do have very dry skin and this product has taken away that awful dry pulling sensation, it’s definitely going to be a repurchase.

These products are pricey but if you are after one product to give skin a marvellous boost and smooth look, I recommend the Hyaluronic Mask.


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