The best mascara for sensitive eyes.

My mum has always been product mad, she would have shelves full of creams, lotions and potions, make up, hair products… in fact she still does.  She instilled in me at a very early age to look after my skin and thus began my own passion for all things beauty.  She is now is her 70s  and a couple of years ago she began to have very sensitive eyes and struggled to find a mascara which didn’t leave her eyes red, swollen or runny.  Obviously sensitive eyes can affect you at any age so here’s a few lines from my mum to try and help:

“I suffer with sensitive eyes and have trouble finding  mascara to suit, I tried lots of different ones.  Luckily I came across Eye of Horus with Egyptian moringa oil and found it didn’t affect my eyes at all, I can wear it all day and really recommend trying it.  

There seems to be more mascara for sensitive eyes out there now and I also intend to try Clinique high impact mascara and NATorigin lengthening mascara which is approved by Allergy UK. I can also recommend products by Green People, I’ve tried a few of theirs and their mascara is also on my list.  

Also be careful which eye make up remover you use. I use Simple kind to eyes and Nivea sensitive caring micellar water.  I’ve spent much more on cleansers in the past but these are the ones which suit me now.”

I hope you’ve found that helpful and she will be back making contributions to the blog relating to older skin and the products she loves.


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