Trinny London Cream Based Makeup Range – Really great at giving a glow to my “more on the mature side” skin.

As someone who never missed an episode of “What Not to Wear” as I love make-over shows, I was intrigued and probably more excited than I should be when I saw that Trinny Woodall had brought out a makeup range “Trinny London”.  The range is entirely cream based which obviously is a big tick for me with my extra dry ‘mature’ skin and “uses only the highest quality ingredients and pigments”.  The whole range is designed to be used with fingertips to blend in and build up colour if required.

As the range is only sold online they’ve developed a tool, MATCH2ME, where in just a few clicks you can find your perfect colours. I duly selected my eye colour, hair family and skin family and was presented with my ideal products.  There are lots of photos and videos of women with every skin tone to help you decide which option to go for.  I decided on 6 items which arrived the next day in the most gorgeous packaging.  This is a massive positive for me, if a Company have put so much effort into beautiful packaging then I automatically assume they will have put even more effort into the products.  Even though I only ordered 6 products I received the makeup bag as well so that was another plus, online it said you got the bag with 7 items.  Each T pot, as they are known, clicks onto another to make a stack of pots, the idea being that you don’t have to take a makeup bag out with you, just pick up your stack and take what you require for the day.

I must admit that my first use of the products wasn’t great, I did look a bit like a five year old who’d been let loose with her mother’s makeup.  I was picking up too much product with my fingertip and struggled to put it on neatly, especially on the left eye, however, three days in and I’m an expert already and finding it really easy to apply (I do have a piece of cotton wool handy though to wipe my fingertips between applications).  The eye shadow especially has great staying power.  So here’s a quick overview of what I used:

Cheekbones – Kate: This is the lighter of the two options for contouring, Trinny London have tried to make contouring simple with the use of a cream and a highlighter.  The instructions were to dot a line under the cheekbone to the temple and at first the colour looks a bit scary, but it blends in really well and is definitely the easiest contour product I’ve used.  Just remember you can build it up and not put loads on at once as I did the first time.  This is the first weekday I’ve used the makeup and seven hours in the contour is still there.

The Right Light – Starlight: Again, after a couple of attempts this is easy to use, you dab it above the Cheekbones contour line, also just under the brow line to highlight the eyes and it can be put on the cupid’s bow to enhance the lips.  You can also put it on the inside corner of your eyes to make the eyes sparkle more but when I tried this I nearly took my eye out as my nails are too long!  You can put this on before or after blusher depending on the level of highlight you require.

Flush Blush – Electra: This was one of two options given to me for the blusher but I chose Electra as it looked like a daytime shade that I would get plenty of use from.  Just dab a bit on the fingertip and pat onto the cheeks, it gives a lovely glow and if I want a more intense blush I can top it up with the Lip2Cheek.

Lip2Cheek – Phoebe: Not to sound like a broken record, but it took a couple of attempts to get the right amount of product onto my fingertips.  The Lip2Cheek is a nice product to wear, I just wasn’t sure about the colour on my lips.  It was recommended on my MATCH2ME but it didn’t do much for me until I applied the “Right Light – Starlight” over the top which made a massive difference and changed the colour to a flattering tone.

Lip Glow – Tallis: This is a lip gloss designed to give a wash of colour and can be worn alone or layered with the other lip products in the range.  The colour was very bright but when applied it just gave a glow to the lips.  However, I cannot stop licking my lips, it’s a habit I’ve tried to curb, so I have to re-apply quite regularly.

Eye to Eye – Magician: Once I got the hang of applying products with my fingers, it’s become very easy.  This eyeshadow is great for me as I normally get a good sprinkling of makeup on my face while brushing on powder shadows.  Put a small amount on though as it goes a long way and if you want a stronger look then just layer up.  It holds very well and still looks the same as it did when I applied it hours ago.

What about the price range?  The T pots start at £16 for the Lip Glow and go up to £35 for the BFF cream (this will be my next buy).  Probably the only product in the range that I wouldn’t contemplate is the Face Finish which gets rid of the shine on skins that are more greasy.  

I think it’s pretty obvious that I like these creamy products, I actually look as though I have a glow to my face.  I am a bit wary of buying the foundation as I can’t try the colour, but most reviewers are very happy with the shade they have been allocated through the MATCH2ME process.  I felt a bit weird this morning taking my makeup bag out of my handbag and carrying my stack instead, but it’s really handy to grab the T pots and put on a bit more Lip Glow.  If you’re looking for something to give a glow to the more mature face, which it has for me, then I heartily recommend giving Trinny London a go.  

*UPDATE 01.12.2017:

I decided to try the foundation to see if the MATCH2ME really works and yes it does!  I ordered the recommended  BFF in Light and the Just a Touch Foundation in Lily.  The colours are perfect for me, the BFF can be worn alone if you want a natural look and the Just a Touch can be used on just the areas you may have more concerns about or all over the face if required.  The two products work great as a team. What I like about this range as well is that you can do your makeup on a morning and then if you’re going out after work you can apply more without having to take the first lot off.  It’s all about layering.


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