The Facialift. A beauty tool worth buying?

What is it? The Facialift is a facial massager which mimics the fast tapping, pinching and knuckling of the Sarah Chapman massage technique.  It has 8 heads and 48 massaging nodules designed to reshape, refine and tone the contours of the face, releasing tension in the jaw and aiding lymphatic drainage. With regular use your skin should look brighter, tighter and less puffy.  It also releases muscular tension in the jaw and encourages blood flow to bring a glow to the skin.

Who is it for? Suitable for all skin types, though obviously if you have a skin condition or you have other health concerns, check with your doctor before using.

How do you use it? I can’t put this any better than Sarah Chapman’s own description, so:

“Step 1: Holding the massager at right angles to the face, push and roll The Facialift from the chin to the ears allowing the wishbone to separate on each side of the jaw, avoiding the cheekbones.

Step 2: Push and roll either side of the neck front to back.

Step 3: Hold the rollers together and use the flat disc tapper to tap all over the face to plump and increase blood flow. Focus on bony areas and eye contour.

For an at-home facial repeat each movement 6 times.

To clean: Wash in warm soapy water.”

What’s the damage? £28

Score: 💋💋💋💋💋



I am a total sucker for beauty tools, I have so many which I’ve used a few times and then they get stuffed in a drawer somewhere because I haven’t noticed any difference to my face.  However, this gem of a product definitely works.  Sarah Chapman is a well known facialist with a lot of award winning products under her belt. We can’t all afford to go and see her personally, so she developed The Facialift to mimic the actions of her facial massage technique.

I’ve been using it for the past few weeks most evenings after applying moisturiser.  The first few times it was quite painful, so I watched Sarah Chapman’s YouTube video to make sure I was doing it properly, and I wasn’t.  You must hold it horizontally when doing the facial massage. After using the roller part of the tool, you use the disc at the other end to gently tap over your face to encourage blood flow, this is actually quite relaxing.

How do I know it’s working?  Well I went to the hairdressers last weekend; why do they have those mirrors that make you look worse than you ever have before?  Anyway, when I looked up and caught sight of my face I noticed a tightening around the jaw area compared to the last time I’d looked in that same mirror.  Definitely one of my best buys.



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